Topic: Database locks up (mariadb)

iRedMail version: 1.6.2 MARIADB edition, deployed with downloadable installer. Running ubuntu 22.04, Nginx.

Can't seem to figure out how often this happens, but occaisionally the database will lock up. I can only show a process list, which has about 80-100 processes, all stuck on a query. The result is that the web interfaces don't load and no IMAP connections can be made - not great for an email server. I can't think of why this is happening and some ideas would be appreciated. Happy to provide whatever logs may be needed



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Re: Database locks up (mariadb)

most usable would be the mysql error log


Re: Database locks up (mariadb)

Cthulhu wrote:

most usable would be the mysql error log

There isn't one setup so i'll do that and wait for it to happen again? Unless it would be in syslog