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Topic: Reconfiguring SMTP to port 25 disrupts POP3s

Hello everybody!

I use iRedMail 1.6.2 MARIADB edition:

- Deployed with the downloadable installer
- Linux Debian 11.6/64
- Store mail accounts in which backend MySQL
- Web server Nginx

I rebuilt Postfix to work without SSL and use port 25.
This has been successfully achieved thanks to two of your manuals:

"Disable postscreen service"
https:// docs.iredmail.org/enable.postscreen.html#disable-postscreen-service


"Enable SMTP SASL AUTH on port 25"
https:// docs.iredmail.org/enable.smtp.auth.on.port.25.html

It turned out perfectly!

But unfortunately, the work of POP3s has been disrupted:
- port 995 is now no longer working, port 110 is working instead without SSL.

But I need POP3s to stay working in the previous SSL/995 status.

How can this be done?


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Re: Reconfiguring SMTP to port 25 disrupts POP3s

Moreover, it seems to me that this behavior of POP3 is an iRedMail bug  sad
Because if I change SMTP settings, then it shouldn't affect POP3 settings.


Re: Reconfiguring SMTP to port 25 disrupts POP3s

SSL got dectivated by default afaik, always use STARTTLS (Port 110 for POP3)

and this has nothing to to with iredmail, this is just an postfix setting it you might have krangled it without intend

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Re: Reconfiguring SMTP to port 25 disrupts POP3s

Cthulhu, it's not that simple.
I have an IP video camera that can send photos in case of alarming events via SSL/TLS email.

I connected this video camera to a mail server with iRedMail over SMTP/465 with SSL.
However, iRedMail stubbornly refuses to accept email from video camera. The reason is unknown to me.

Because of this reason I switched iRedMail to regular SMTP/25 without SSL, and the emails were successfully sent to the mail server.
However, at the same time POP3s/995 switched from SSL to regular POP3/110.
Why did this happen?

POP3/110 is not suitable for me, I need to return POP3s/995.
Or somehow teach iRedMail to receive mail from a video camera using the 465/SSL/TLS protocol, it will be even better.

How to do it?


Re: Reconfiguring SMTP to port 25 disrupts POP3s

It's not clear what you modified in dovecot config files, which is hard for others to help troubleshoot.

The point is "ssl = " parameter in /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf, possible values are:

- required. This is default value set by iRedMail, and ssl/tls connections are enforced.
- yes. ssl/tls is optional.
- no. ssl/tls is disabled.