Topic: Anti-spam alternatives


I'm trying to find ways to improve the current anti-spam stack (amavisd/spamassassin) as it really misses a lot of spam written in portuguese. I've emailed Zhang about this, but there's little that can be done with the current iRedMail version, so I wonder if someone else implemented any additional rules for their native languages.
I've found a tutorial about installing Razor/DCC along iRedMail - is it worth installing ?
Also, random google searches brought http://mailscanner.info/ as an alternative - can anyone compare this to the current solution?
Last, but not least, did anyone implement some kind of auto-training for spamassassin ? Maybe a cron job that learns from spam in a specific folder or something like that ?

Thanks for any pointers!


Re: Anti-spam alternatives

guigouz wrote:

it really misses a lot of spam written in portuguese.

I think we should try to improve anti-spam first, but not replace these components.

Did you try to analytics why these portuguese SPAMS are bypassed? Find the rule and you can reduce spam.


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