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Topic: 50 user VPS configuration requirements


I want to create email server for my classmates and my friends,because we all have the same interests and hobbies,about 50 users(there are about 30 active users),what are the requirements for VPS?

Is the open source version right for me?
In addition,some friends are in other countries,can I set up a relay or proxy server in the VPS of other countries?

I'm currently testing iRedMail and it's great.

Thank you!


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Re: 50 user VPS configuration requirements

Hardware spec depends on the daily mail traffic, not the number of mailboxes.
4GB memory should be fine, but better 6GB to satisfy ClamAV.

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Re: 50 user VPS configuration requirements

4G memory,the cost is a bit high,involving relays,a total of 2 VPS,and this cost is borne by me personally.
2G ~ 3G is ok?

For mail management,we often use mobile apps and computer clients,and hardly use the WEB.

The number of emails per day is less than 50,about 200MB.
Thank you!

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Re: 50 user VPS configuration requirements

no, 2G is not okay, 4G are the bare minimum requirements to run a single instance, it is stated in the install documents aswell

and why do you need relays and 2 vps?


Re: 50 user VPS configuration requirements


About 2 VPS,because some friends in other countries,consider their efficiency of use, so,my country one VPS (main) and their country another VPS as a relay.
Of course,there is another reason,if one of the VPS fails,at least another VPS can work properly.
It's just my idea,right?


Re: 50 user VPS configuration requirements

if you consider it as a failover cluster, then you need at least 4vps then... with special configurations, replication, and so on.

and if you relay to the other vps, there is no failover, if any of the vps crashes, the relay fails and its not usable

if you only want a mailserver for communication, then rent a domain from a hoster and call it a day, makes no sence for me what you are planning

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Re: 50 user VPS configuration requirements

My idea is like this, please advise.
Option 1: Users in two regions of AB, region A → A server, region B → B server, do not distinguish between users, only automatic identification of the user's region, automatic selection of communication servers.
Option 2: Two servers, the reason is that when one of them fails, it will automatically switch to the other server.
Scenario 3: Realize both scenarios 1 and 2.

How many VPS are needed for each of the above 3 scenarios or how to realize them?
Thank you!