Topic: Receiving emails from a non-existent user on server.


We have an issue with receiving emails from a non-existent user on the server.

I'll explain our topology we have a billing server that use Proxmox Mail Gateway to send emails, it sends emails under name no-reply@example.com and this works fine until we send emails to iRedMail server. iRedMail server serves domain example.com The issue appear when some emails are sent to staff with emails from example.com which are served by iRedMail server. These notification are not received. We did some research and found that when PMG is connecting to iRedMail server, it is refused in connection with statement that on iRedMail is no user with name no-reply@example.com. So the question is, how to specify in config to ignore receiving email from this non-existent user.

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Re: Receiving emails from a non-existent user on server.

create mail account no-reply@domain.com with transport discard and send from proxmox with SMTP auth


Re: Receiving emails from a non-existent user on server.

You should add the email address no-reply@example.com to the whitelist or allowed senders list. This tells the iRedMail server to accept emails from this address, even if there is no corresponding user account. Once you've added the email address to the whitelist, save your changes to update the server's configuration. Eventually, send a test email from the Proxmox Mail Gateway to a user on the iRedMail server using the no-reply@example.com address. Ensure that the email is successfully delivered without being rejected due to the non-existent user.