Topic: General Upgrade and Greylist Questions

1) We are on iRedMail v0.9.7 (iRedAdmin-Pro, v2.8.0 (MySQL)) on CentOS 7.  Can we upgrade directly to the latest build/release of iRedAdmin/iRedAdmin-Pro?  We paid for the original year's code and support, but not since, though we plan to buy the latest version again.

2) We cannot get Greylisting to whitelist all subdomains of a particular domain.  For example, if we put in @.salesforce.com, it only adds salesforce.com, both in the GUI and when using the python script in the OS.  Does the new version of iRedAdmin allow wildcard domain whitelisting in Greylisting?


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Re: General Upgrade and Greylist Questions

1) Yes you can upgrade iRedMail and iRedAdmin-Pro to latest versions on CentOS 7. I suggest upgrading as soon as possible, because CentOS 7 is too old and we may drop support for it soon.

2) I suggest trying again after you upgraded to latest iRedMail (and iRedAPD).