Topic: Spider Email Archiver v2.6.0 has been released (on Dec 08).

Dear all,

Spider Email Archiver v2.6.0 has been released.

- Download (amd64 and arm64 editions): https://spiderd.io/
- Docker editions (amd64 and arm64) are available here: https://hub.docker.com/r/iredmail/spider
- Install or upgrade: https://spiderd.io/docs/install.html
- ChangeLog: https://spiderd.io/docs/changelog.html

Below are the major changes that we have made since v2.5.2, we recommend
all users to upgrade as soon as possible.

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- RESTful API (New in v2.6.0):
   - Able to query global, per-domain and per-mailbox archiving
     statistics. Doc: <https://spiderd.io/docs/api.html>.

- New features:
   - Notification support (`Settings -> Notifications`).
     Spider will now send daily archiving statistics to specified admin(s)
     from provided SMTP account.
     Doc: <https://spiderd.io/docs/settings-notifications.html>.
   - Able to view per-domain and per-mailbox archiving statstics (`Settings ->
     Email Domains`).

- Improvements:
   - Support parsing email messages forwarded as Microsoft Exchange Journal

       Note: Currently you have to configure Exchange to forward Journal
       Report to Spider directly, we will improve Spider to support
       periodly fetching messages from a Journal mailbox for archiving in
       future release.

   - Removed SQL database `/opt/spider/db/participants.db`. FTS document
     contains required info, so this database is not necessary at all.
   - Batch action support on mailbox list page (`Settings ->
     Email Domains -> Mailboxes`): `Stop Archiving`, `Start Archiving`,
     `Delete` (delete mail addresses, not archived messages).
   - Able to set number of indexer workers. Defaults to number of CPU cores.
   - Able to import emails in given time range.

       Two arguments are introduced to specify time range, it's ok to use
       either or both at the same time:

       - `--since-time`: Import messages since given datetime (in `yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS` format).
       - `--before-time`: Import messages before given datetime (in `yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS` format).

   - Able to exclude IMAP folders while importing with argument
     `--exclude-folder`. Multiple folders can be specified with multiple
     arguments, for example, `--exclude-folder AAA --exclude-folder BBB`.

- Fixed issues:
   - `Stop Archiving` doesn't work if email address contains invalid char.
     Thanks Victor for the feedback.
   - Not auto vacuum database to reduce size. This issue was introduced in v2.5.1.
   - No notifications on web UI after clicked `Reindex All` button.
   - Can not view body of email messages in thread.
     Thanks Marcin Wisniowski for the feedback.
   - Changing the number of results per page triggers error.
     Thanks Marcin Wisniowski for the feedback.
   - If message was failed to parse, click `Reindex` or `Reindex All` button
     on web UI doesn't trigger the reindex immediately (need to restart
     `spiderd` service).


Thank you for choosing Spider Email Archiver, and we hope you enjoy using this latest version. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.


Spider Email Archiver: On-Premises, lightweight email archiving software developed by iRedMail team. Supports Amazon S3 compatible storage and custom branding.


Re: Spider Email Archiver v2.6.0 has been released (on Dec 08).

Is this the latest version? No updates in 2024?


Re: Spider Email Archiver v2.6.0 has been released (on Dec 08).

v2.6.3 is the latest release. https://spiderd.io/
You can find detailed change log here: https://spiderd.io/docs/changelog.html

We sent email to users, but forgot to publish here. Sorry about this.