Topic: how to deploy iRedMail server

i just finish configuring iRedMail server at home, i can send and received emails from internal accounts/the same domain, however i cant sent send and received emails from external email account like yahoo, gmail and etc. And also how to deploy it to the internet? .. I have a fully qualified domain name (example.com)
So i need to host the email server of that domain.. so i configured the hostname of my email server to hostname: mail.example.com.... And we all know that when hosting the mail server of that domain we need to point the mx record of that domain to our email server...
My questions is how would I know the mx record of my email server?
Do i need to ask it to my ISP?
Another question is can i used local IP for my email server?, or i reall needs  public IP...


Re: how to deploy iRedMail server


First you need :
- A domain name (registered in a registar like godaddy for example)
- To access to your router with admin rights
- To tells to your registar DNS that you're hosting your own mail server by set this in your DNS registar file :

@ 28800 IN MX 10 mail
mail 28800 IN A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

replace xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx by your home's IP adress

Finally to know wich port to open and forward in your router, go to see this page : link.

enjoy !