Topic: Question about helo_access.pcre

Please correct me:

On line 92 and 93 (helo_access.pcre) are two reg. exp. -> /adsl/ /dynamic/
Does this mean when the reverse lookup (e.g. x.x.x.x mail.iredmail.com)   not match with the IP address (e.g. x.x.x.x myprovider-dynamic-.x.x.x.x.com) the sender is identified as spammer?

If so, this could ba a problem in my homecountry. Most isp´s (Telekom Austria, UPC) provide STATIC ip addresses for bussiness customers but the reverse lookup name is matching in  e.g. x.x.x.x myprovider-dynamic-x.x.x.x.com.

Is it possible to use reg.exp. with policyd? SQL performance?



Re: Question about helo_access.pcre

HELO identity is not the same as reverse lookuped hostname, it's safe to use It in your situation.

You can find patch in policyd mail list to make it (policyd-1.8x) support regular expression, but author of policyd said use regular expression in policyd-1.8x may cause SQL performance isses.

But it seems policyd-2.x has this feature (i'm not sure).


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Re: Question about helo_access.pcre

Many thanks!