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I didn´t install Postfixadmin (want to install it on a dedicated webserver as well as Roundcube). Therefore [?] I couldn´t find the vacation.pl script on my iRedmail server.
Does the installation of vacation depends from Postfixadmin?


Re: Vacation

iRedMail uses managesieve service to provide mail filter rule support, users can customize mail filter rule in Roundcubemail (Preferences -> Filter).

Search 'managesieve', 'sieve' in Google and http://wiki.dovecot.org/ will help you.


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Re: Vacation

Thanks for your help!
I have vacation.pl up and running using Postfixadmin and virtual_transport_maps, .... creating sql-user with insert rights for vacation_notification table and so on...
It´s my very bad idea to do this this way!!!

Using Roundcubeemail and sieve is almost the better solution!