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If someone want to use Postfixadmin (like rc7), not shipped within iRedMail - it doesnt work by default.
The database sheme is different.
To get Postfixadmin to work, you have to add a column in the mailbox table:

ALTER TABLE `mailbox` ADD `local_part` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL AFTER `domain` ;

It´s not a cleanly solution but Postfixadmin works. This column isn´t used by iRedMail.
Better solution would be change some function in PFA but I hadn´t time enough to find it out, was painful enough!



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thank you for your share?

the Postfixadmin (like rc7) have any new feateure?

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Release 2.3rc7 schould have more bug fixes but the code have still some issues (not realy XHTML, hardcodes style settings, hardcodes sql statements ...) I´m not realy happy with it.