Topic: Henry County Indiana Emergency Services (911)

- Country: USA
- State/City: Indiana / New Castle
- Company: Henry County Emergency Services
- Web Site: http://www.henryco.org
- Backend (MySQL or OpenLDAP): OpenLDAP
- Manage mail accounts with (iRedAdmin-Pro, PostfixAdmin, phpLDAPadmin):iRedAdmin Pro
- Total Users: 120+
- Comment/Story/Migration tips: We are the Public Safety Group (Law / Fire / EMS) for a county of about 50,000 citizens.  We use email for our operations and needed something we could depend on.  I replaced a low cost Windows based mail server with iRed Mail.
iRed Mail is easier to manage, works better, runs better and can be fine tuned on a per user basis.  Makes the Windows software look poor.  We now have a mail server that we can depend on.

Thank you,

Jay Jackson
IT Director Henry County / System's Admin. Henry County 911


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Re: Henry County Indiana Emergency Services (911)

Thanks very much for your sharing. smile