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Topic: qmail & postfix !!!!!!!!

   I would like to thank a lot about your products (like iredos  ,..).
   Then i have a major problem and it is :
    we have a server that configured with qmail as mail server and mysql and now we want to change it to postfix and as i recomnded to use iredos (iredmail) but how cat convert qmail to postfix ??
please help me because im watting for tour answers.
thanks a lot


Re: qmail & postfix !!!!!!!!

there is no help ???


Re: qmail & postfix !!!!!!!!

- If your old mail server stores mail in Maildir/ format, then you can simply copy mailboxes to iRedMail/iRedOS server, but make sure they are moved to correct location.

- If you store mail accounts in MySQL and passwords are encrypted with MD5 or plain text, you can simply dump them into iRedMail/iRedOS.


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Re: qmail & postfix !!!!!!!!

thanks alot


Re: qmail & postfix !!!!!!!!


I have migrated from qmail to postfix.
The porocess was not that hard. Once you have iRedmail installed on the server.
Migrate all of user folders from /var/vpopmail/domains******  to /var/vmail/vmail1/domains*** in iredmail. Then you would have to chmod all to files vmail:vmail. One you have this migrated. Migrate you mysql vpopuser table to the new mysql in iredmail. After that change your user directories to point to /var/vmail/vmail1/domain******.  That should get you started.
Let me know if you have any questions i'll be glad to help.


Re: qmail & postfix !!!!!!!!

i am completely new in this but i have to fix it!!
Please can you tell me step by step to compete this migration?