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Hello All,

We are using iRedMail with iRedAdmin pro 1.1.1 in hosting environment with ldap backend.
We have the option to create mail lists in iRedAdmin and restrict it, but it doesnt work. Everyone can send emails to this mail lists. I believe this is by design.

From some old posts, I see that we can restrict the mail list using mlapd. I tried to follow the instructions available to integrate mlapd with postfix, however it is not working.
Is there any documentation from iRedMail users or could someone share the procedure or sample configurations?

Below mlapd link says that it works well with iRedMail.
There are couple of iredmail link inside this, but both of them are not accessible.

Could someone share the procedure to integrate mlapd with iRedMail?


Re: apply restriction on Mail list


iRedAdmin-Pro MUST work with iRedAPD, a python-powered simple postfix policy daemon, to support mail list deliver restrictions. As you saw in mlapd mail list, i found mlapd before, and, iRedAPD is based on mlapd, released under GPL (same as mlapd).

Here is iRedAPD installation guide:

You can get mail list deliver restrictions after you install and configure it correctly.

Actually, the newest iRedAPD-1.3.0 can do sender restrictions too. I will write the installation guide later. (Sorry, a little busy these days)

Post any questions here, i will response as soon as possible.


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Re: apply restriction on Mail list

Thanks Zhang
We got iRedAdmin-Pro-1.2.0 yesterday. I will upgrade iRedAdmin first and then install iRedAPD. I hope the instructions to install iRedAPD remains the same. Please let me know if there is anything I need to be aware. I will perform this today and let you know he result.