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Topic: [Solved] Restriction function not work

I have install the iRedAPD-1.3.1 and using the restriction for testing in iRedAdmin-Pro.

I added a restriction email account on Sender Restrictions > Blacklisted Sender and try to send a mail from that email account but It still can pass. How can I check what problem?

For example, I want to block mail from abc@gmail.com to my account abc@domain.com

Here is the LDAP LDIF info. and I have hidden the sensitive information about my domain

dn: mail=abc@domain.com,ou=Users,domainName=domain.com,o=domains,dc=domain,dc=com accountStatus: active amavisBlacklistSender: abc@gmail.com cn:: W+izh+ioiuenkeaKgOmDqF0g5L2V5qGC6LGq employeeNumber: H12 enabledService: mail enabledService: smtp enabledService: deliver enabledService: pop3 enabledService: pop3secured enabledService: imap enabledService: imapsecured enabledService: managesieve enabledService: managesievesecured enabledService: sieve enabledService: sievesecured enabledService: forward enabledService: senderbcc enabledService: recipientbcc enabledService: shadowaddress enabledService: displayedInGlobalAddressBook enabledService: internal homeDirectory: /var/vmail/vmail01/domain.com/a/ab/abc@gmail.com/abc@gmail.com-2010. mail: abc@domain.com mailMessageStore: domain.com/a/ab/abc@gmail.com/abc@gmail.com-2010. mailQuota: 1073741824 memberOfGroup: all@domain.com memberOfGroup: testlist@domain.com memberOfGroup: allhk@domain.com objectClass: inetOrgPerson objectClass: mailUser objectClass: shadowAccount objectClass: amavisAccount sn: abc@gmail.com storageBaseDirectory: /var/vmail/vmail01 telephoneNumber: 114 uid: abc@gmail.com userPassword: {SSHA}KlQ8DgC2/SVK2xLbZl4mQKC0ZHZ4qGTO8ftcMw==


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Re: [Solved] Restriction function not work

Problem solved.

There is a newest installation tutorial under the iRedMail wiki

http://iredmail.org/wiki/index.php?titl … D/OpenLDAP