Topic: Feature Request - Restriction on domain Admins

Following feature would be wonderful to have on iRedAdmin panel.

We sell mailboxes based on its size. For example, someone buys 10 mailboxes with 1GB size and 100 mailboxes with 100MB size within the same domain. We create a domain admin and give the control panel access to the customer.
Currently, domain administrator can increase the mailbox size to higher size.
We (global admin) want to restrict domain admins to be able to create only 10 mailboxes with 1GB and 100 Mailboxes with 100MB.
When customer buy additional 10 mailboxes with 1GB, gloabl administrator can change it and subsequently domain admin can create upto 20 mailboxes with 1 GB.


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Re: Feature Request - Restriction on domain Admins

In progress.

It's able to store domain quote size now, but can't limit. Please be patient, it will be available in next release.

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Re: Feature Request - Restriction on domain Admins

Thanks very much Zhang smile