Topic: Disable domain/user

Which way disabling domain/user is supposed to work?

If I have two servers.

Server a)  domain example.com and account bob@example.com.
Server b)  domain example.com and account bob@example.com in disabled state, and domain example.net with account joe.doe@example.net

When I try to send email from server a) to address  joe.doe@example.net from address bob@example.com, then I get an error from server b)...

host mail.server.b [xx.xx.xx.xx] said: 550
    5.1.0 <bob@example.com>: Sender address rejected: User unknown in
    virtual mailbox table (in reply to RCPT TO command)

So it looks that disabling domain does not work?


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Re: Disable domain/user

Postfix (Server B) can't find bob@example.com because you disabled it. iRedMail (with default config) will force postfix to check sender address. (smtpd_sender_login_maps)

If spammers generate email with "Return-Path: bob@example.com", all returned email will be delivered to your server B.
But if you have sender login checking in Postfix, these spam emails will be rejected.

In my opinion, this is correct. What do you expect?


Re: Disable domain/user

I expect, that if I disable domain, then Postfix does not even know that there is such domain or accounts. Sorry for that unclear question, but I did'nt find better way to ask.

It's very hard to prepare domain and accounts for existing domain, if it works this way. There is situations (often), where same accounts must be in two servers before migration.

If domain is disabled, why Postfix cares it at all?


Re: Disable domain/user

What you did is disabling single user, not whole domain.

You should edit domain profilie, uncheck "Enable this domain".



Re: Disable domain/user

samuelvasy wrote:

Server b)  domain example.com and account bob@example.com in disabled state, and domain example.net with account joe.doe@example.net

Yes, both are disabled.


Re: Disable domain/user

Still waiting answer for this topic.


Re: Disable domain/user

It says "User unknown in virtual mailbox table", it's already disabled.


Re: Disable domain/user

So... Did I get this right...

I cannot have domain example.com in my system, even in disabled state, if I wish to get emails from that domain? What is the point for disabling then?


Re: Disable domain/user

Can you remove it?


Re: Disable domain/user

Domain? Yes, of course. But it's not a solution.

It's very necessary to have ability to create domains and users in disabled state, because then it's possible to prepare customer domains and accounts before actual change from one operator to us.

Currently it's impossible to create domains and accounts and still have ability to contact customer with email (because it get's rejected).