Topic: What's new in iRedAdmin-Pro: SSL/TLS based LDAP connection.

Hi, all.

iRedAdmin-Pro-1.3.0 (not released yet) now supports SSL/TLS based LDAP connection, we're so sorry for this deleyed feature.

If you deploy iRedAdmin-Pro and OpenLDAP server seperately, you can still get secure ldap connection.

If you want to enable SSL/TLS based LDAP connection, just change value of "uri" in settings.ini, change the prefix from 'ldap://' to 'ldaps: //'. for example:

# ---- Old Setting ----
#uri = ldap://

# ---- New Setting, with SSL/TLS connection enabled ----
uri = ldaps://

That's all. And you will find similar log file in /var/log/openldap.log if you set "loglevel 256" in openldap config file:

Aug 10 15:26:01 r6 slapd[3034]: conn=59 fd=14 TLS established tls_ssf=256 ssf=256 

Hope you enjoy iRedAdmin-Pro. smile


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