Topic: Distributed mail applications

What also if I would lyk to distribute different apps per systems. mail - 1 server, pop - 1 server, db - 1 server, webmail/postfixadmin 1 -server.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Distributed mail applications

install iRedMail on one server, with all components you need installed. and then read these files:

* iRedMail-x.y.z/.iRedMail.installation.status
* iRedMail-x.y.z/config

You can set value to 'DONE' in 'iRedMail-x.y.z/.iRedMail.installation.status', so that it can skip some steps. it's useful to skip installing components you don't need.

And, maybe you should change some variables in iRedMail-x.y.z/*, such as IMAP server adderss, pysieved bind address, mysql bind address, etc. don't forget to change your iptable rules.


Re: Distributed mail applications

What do the pysieved do again? I just want to clear it and where will I put it on my cluster.



Re: Distributed mail applications

Why not google first? don't be a lazy man.
Pysieved: http://woozle.org/~neale/src/pysieved/


Re: Distributed mail applications

Yes of course I already read that.  Btw,

How do I solve this error in horde when applying Filter Rules (vacation, whitelist, blacklist and etc) ?

"Error There was an error activating the script. The driver said: "Authentication failed""



Re: Distributed mail applications

post relate log in /var/log/maillog