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Hi All,

Some of my mails are changing the Subject when sent to internal users. If I am getting a Subject changed, I know that it will be going to client also. I have checked spamassassin config/amavis config/postfix config/postfix-policy config.

My subject changes to [***UNCHECKED*** Re: Feedback on main section XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX]. From where is this UNCHECKED coming...?



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Re: Subject changing...

That's strange.

Amavisd will invoke SpamAssassin for anti-spam, and prepend "SPAM" in mail subject by default. But not "UNCHECKED".
Maybe it's amavisd setting, but i don't know yet. Or do you have customized spamassassin rule?


Re: Subject changing...

From Amavisd doc, i found this in amavisd.conf-sample:

$undecipherable_subject_tag = '***UNCHECKED*** ';  # undef disables it

To disable it, you can change it to:

$undecipherable_subject_tag = undef;


Re: Subject changing...

My system is having Ubuntu.
Linux mailadmin 2.6.28-19-server #65-Ubuntu SMP Thu Sep 16 15:15:59 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux
I am not able to find a file with name amavisd.conf-sample.
My server is having /etc/amavisd/conf.d/{-----}. None of the file is having a variable $undecipherable_subject_tag.
Where can I find out amavisd.conf-sample in ubuntu.



Re: Subject changing...

You can add this setting in /etc/amavisd/conf.d/50-user

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Re: Subject changing...

i know this an old post, but i came across it when i had this same issue as the one described.

as it turned out, the problem for was was not amavis but clam.

i had just done a software update  via yum (centos 6) and reinstalled a new security certificate.

all emails then started to have ***unchecked*** prepended.

the solution here was not considered because it seemed it was not solving my problem, just hiding it.

finally tracked down this solution which turned out to be my own solution from earlier this year (how quickly we forget)!!...

http://www.iredmail.org/forum/topic5472 … esend.html

this time though i did not use an old file but simply deleted the problem file and created a new one which i then

clamd restarted and emails now are cleaned

it is possible that this is an ongoing issue, possibly because of the version of iredmail (0.8.6) i am running.

i will update this post if i come across any problems when i bring it up to date over the next couple of weeks.

there does appear to be differences in ownership of the log file in question, between different versions of irm


i forgot to mention that you should also check your freshclam situation as there could be similar issues with ownership of the freshclam.log

try restarting freshclam. if there is a similar problem with permissions you will need to check the ownership of the current log file (it should be clamav:clamav in centos 6)

this needs to match the owner of the database as defined in the freshclam.conf file (for centos os it is at /etc/freshclam.conf)

the database owner line should read...

DatabaseOwner clamav

you could possibly comment it out as well as clamav is default.

obviously restart freshclam after resaving the file