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Topic: Sending mails between internal mailservers

I got 2 mailservers and the mails are working good to the outside world.

But when you mail internal -> between 2 email servers -> the mails are not recieved.

So i changed the hostfile -> and add the domainnames -> that are on other server.

<name@domain.be>: connect to mx2.mailserver2.be[Public IP here ]:25: Connection timed out

The mailserver that sends out the mail has now changed hostfile.
i do telnet test and i get internal IP now. -> what is good. :-)

MAILSERVER@MAIL01:~$ telnet mx.mailserver2.be 25
Connected to mx2.mailserver2.be.
Escape character is '^]'.
220-mail2.mailserver2.be ESMTP Postfix

This should work wright ? (or do i forgot something ?)