Topic: Proud user since 2011

Hi all,

I wanted to share my success stories with all of you, in regards to the Iredmail server I've been using since 2011.
I've been running the Iredadmin SQL-Pro since 2011.
The mail-server consists of open-source tools, in combination with a super support in case something isn't working as it should.
Throughout the years I've seen the extensive Knowledge of the Zhang Huangbin, even on multiple OS'es and different software versions.
Zhang listens to input of his users and actively helps out where possible. Way more, that one would expect.

Recently the option is also out there to request Paid support. This ensures fast adequate support if you can't fix, what's broken.
If you have more patience you will still be helped out by Zhang.

I would like to recommend this product to all people out there.

And Zhang, thank you for you always superb support.


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Re: Proud user since 2011

Enjoy. smile

And thanks for sharing.