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Topic: Email service compared with mailgun or ses?

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We have many businesses with even more domains that need to send email with dkim. Here is my issue, We are using a program that will be the go between to send out email from the individual sending domains. It acts as mailchimp and mailgun does in providing templates and outbound email and connects with all of our other services. Can IRedMail act as the smtp server so that the actual sending domain can send with dkim emails. We cant really individually add each domain or email address.

Explanation of our system

Multiple businesses each with multiple Sending domain with multiple email addresses

Our mailchimp like server program

Actual SMTP server that sends the email

How do I set this up or does someone have a guide? Any way to make this relay server, like get the transferred dkim from the sending domain.


Re: Email service compared with mailgun or ses?

I'm not sure whether i completely understand your situation and questions. sad Here's some general points:

- iRedMail offers you a POP3/IMAP/SMTP server, you can send email through iRedMail server with SMTP Authentication enabled.
- It's your duty to generate beautiful emails (or email templates), this is neither a smtp-server-side feature nor an iRedMail feature.
- iRedMail doesn't limit how many emails you can send out.


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