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The following post is showing as closed but I was hoping that the original poster could provide some more details about how they implemented this solution to the very frustrating message on iOS that seems to come up anytime you change networks or otherwise randomly.  The message is Cannot Verify Server Identity.

This is with iOS12 and have emailed the fullchain.pem file as per the instructions.  When I double click it in iOS it then creates a profile request in Settings.

When you select it, it creates a Configuration Profile with the name of the mail server domain at Settings -> General.  I am not sure if this is what is intended by step 3 - Install it - as there is no option for that.

Then under Settings -> General -> About -> Certificate Trust Settings, the certificate is not displayed, so am thinking it has not been installed properly.  The message Cannot Verify Server Identity continues to pop up every 5 seconds rendering the device useless.

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Re: Login problems with iOS
Thanks a lot ZhangHuangbin. Unfortunately, it's just part of the solution. Apple removed "Trust" option from their certificate settings options. Finally, I was able to solve it like this:
1) Install LetsEncrypt certificate ( on other hand it doesn't matter, which free certificate )
2) Send ti to another account on an Apple device with the newest iOS ( fullchain.pem file from LetsEncrypt )
3) Click the certificate in the email on the Apple device => install it -> add it to trust ones
After this, it started to work


Re: Login problems with iOS

What's the url of original post? i can re-open the thread.


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