Topic: iRedMail-1.0-beta2 has been released.

Dear all,

Second beta release of iRedMail-1.0 has been released, please help test it and report the issues in our support forum. This should be the last beta release and no plan for a RC release.

Note: Please do not deploy beta release on production server, because we do not offer upgrade tutorial for beta release.

Introduce "iRedMail Easy" - the new deployment, upgrade and support platform

iRedMail Easy is the new web-based deployment, (one-click) upgrade and technical support platform introduced few months ago, we release new version frequently (currently one new release per month), with the one-click upgrade support, you can easily keep the iRedMail server up to date without caring about any technical details. It's the recommend way to deploy NEW iRedMail server and get technical support.

For more details, please check our website, the comparison of iRedMail Easy and classic downloadable installer is available too: https://www.iredmail.org/easy.html

If you need to upgrade existing iRedMail server to the iRedMail Easy platform, please check our tutorial: Migrate from iRedMail to iRedMail Easy platform.

Below are changes since iRedMail-1.0-beta2, you can find changes for 1.0-beta1 here.

Removed component
  • tools/backup_*.sh: Remove old empty backup directory.

Fixed issues
  • Incorect SSL CA file path on FreeBSD.

  • Improper postrotate command for log files on Linux.

Updated packages
  • iRedAPD -> 3.2

  • netdata -> 1.18.0