Topic: Bug in Top10 Senders and Recipients

Hey Zhang,

there's a little bug in iRedAdmin-Pro (LDAP).

The Top10-lists in dashboard and Sent and received mail-logs show mail that aren't handled by the server.

Following scenario:
I'm listmaster of an list on another mailserver. So I'm receiving mails from listmaster@domain.a
Now this domain.a will be moved to the new iredmail-server. In the sent lists there are many entries from listmaster@domain.a, but they aren't sent from this new server.

I think it's a little problem with your sql-statement for this lists?



Re: Bug in Top10 Senders and Recipients

Is it possible that mail me (zhb@ iredmail.org) a screenshot of this issue? I'm sorry that i don't fully understand what you mean.


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