Topic: Heads up: Don't upgrade CentOS 7 (to 8) and Ubuntu 18.04 (to 20.04)

Dear all,

Another great Ubuntu LTS release, 20.04, was out days ago (April 23rd 2020), but for iRedMail users, please don't upgrade your iRedMail server to 20.04 right now. Also don't upgrade from CentOS 7 to 8 shortly. Few core services will be broken after upgraded:

- iRedAPD: a simple Postfix policy server. It handles greylisting, blacklisting, whitelisting, throttling, sender login mismatch checks, mailing list access control, etc. It listens on port 7777 by default, optionally on extra ports 7778, 7779 for SRS (Sender Rewrite Scheme).
- mlmmjadmin: a RESTful API server for managing subscribeable (mlmmj) mailing lists. It listens on port 7790 by default.
- iRedAdmin and iRedAdmin-Pro: the official web based iRedMail server admin panel. It listens on port 7791 by default, accessible by URL https://<your-server>/iredadmin/.

All of them are written in Python-2, but CentOS 8 and Ubuntu 20.04 don't offer Python modules for python-2 anymore, so after upgraded to new major (OS) release, above softwares will be broken and you need to install required Python modules with the "pip" tool. We will start porting them to Python-3 shortly and it may take few months. Please be patient and give us some more time.


Re: Heads up: Don't upgrade CentOS 7 (to 8) and Ubuntu 18.04 (to 20.04)

Thanks Zhang! Great work!


Re: Heads up: Don't upgrade CentOS 7 (to 8) and Ubuntu 18.04 (to 20.04)

A quick update:

- Both iRedAPD and mlmmjadmin have been ported to Python 3, you can upgrade them on CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.04 + 18.04 if you want, their upgrade scripts will install required Python 3 and modules automatically.
- iRedAdmin and iRedAdmin-Pro are NOT ported to Python 3 yet. Please give us some more time to finish it.


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