Topic: iRedMail-1.2.1 has been released

Dear all,

iRedMail-1.2.1 has been released with new Roundcube version (1.4.4) which
fixes few security issues. (and here's release notes of iRedMail-1.2: https://forum.iredmail.org/topic16714-i … tion.html)

There's no other change you should apply for server which is running
iRedMail-1.2, all users are encouraged to upgrade Roundcube as soon as
possible. Upgrade tutorial is here: https://docs.iredmail.org/iredmail.releases.html

The all-in-one dockerized edition has been updated with new Roundcube
version too: https://hub.docker.com/r/iredmail/mariadb

If you deployed iRedMail server with the iRedMail Easy platform[1], please
login to the web portal[2] and upgrade with few clicks.

Happy upgrading. smile

[1] Introduce the iRedMail Easy platform: https://www.iredmail.org/easy.html
[2] Login to iRedMail Easy: https://easy.iredmail.org/


Re: iRedMail-1.2.1 has been released

ubuntu 20 iredmail 1.2.1 installed hostname and hosts configure however,
when running the iredmail.sh i get the following error
E: Package 'python-mysqldb' has no installation candidate
E: Unable to locate package python-pymysql
E: Unable to locate package python-requests
E: Unable to locate package uwsgi-plugin-python
E: Unable to locate package python-pip
<< ERROR >> Installation failed, please check the terminal output.
<< ERROR >> If you're not sure what the problem is, try to get help in iRedMail
<< ERROR >> forum: https://forum.iredmail.org/


Re: iRedMail-1.2.1 has been released

iRedMail-1.2.1 doesn't support Ubuntu 20.04, but the lates development edition[1] supports it. Also the iRedMail Easy platform.

[1] https://github.com/iredmail/iRedMail/
[2] https://www.iredmail.org/easy.html


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Re: iRedMail-1.2.1 has been released

Is it Debain 10 supported?
On my system iptables also fail2ban is not working.