Topic: Per-domain storage directory


I would like to add a new partition to store new mail data and I found the following part in settings.py:

# Base directory used to store all mail data.
# iRedMail uses '/var/vmail/vmail1' as default storage directory.
# Tip: You can set a per-domain storage directory in domain profile page.
storage_base_directory = "/var/vmail/vmail1"

My plan is to mount the new storage to /var/vmail/vmail2 and i set the per-domain storage directory parameter on the related new domains according to the tip in the comment section. But unfortunately i can't find the per-domain storage directory setting in domain profile page. On the user profile page i can find the path to mailbox parameter but I would prefer to separate the storage between whole domains instead of users.
Can you help me where can I find this option please?

Thank you for your answer!


Re: Per-domain storage directory

Unfortunately, it doesn't support per-domain storage directory right now.

Do i understand correctly that you want to put mailboxes of some domain on old partition, but some on new partition?
Why not all newly created mailboxes on NEW partition? What's the concern?


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Re: Per-domain storage directory

Thank you for your answer!

Yes, you understand right. Basically we didn't want to store mailboxes of one domain on different locations but in fact it is not so important for us so finally we started to use the new partition for the new users like you suggested.