Topic: Feature request

Hi Zhang,

I would like to request a feature, if possible. I would like to think this is pretty much doable, so here goes :

For the admin page i would like the option to add a dedicated ip to a (new) domain.
If you have access to multiple domains, and multiple IP's, it should be better imho to have a dedi ip, ssl cert connected to that ip, etc, from that specific domain.

Maybe other users see the advantages of this feature as well, and you want to implement this.

Thanks in advance,



Re: Feature request

In my opinion there's a fine line between adding server admin features and mail admin features. I'm not against new features, but if there are time and resource constraints I see adding the mail admin features as a higher priority.

That's all.



Re: Feature request

This feature is "partly" implemented, here are the steps:

- Add custom transport and bind to an IP address. FYI: https://docs.iredmail.org/send.out.emai … esses.html (Note: just update /etc/postfix/master.cf as mentioned in this tutorial, other parts are implemented in iRedMail out of box).
- In iRedAdmin-Pro, go to domain (or user) profile page, click tab "Relay", use your custom transport as relay.


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