Topic: How to deploy iRedMail to Amazon AWS EC2


I am trying to use iRedMail  as our mail server and deploy to Amazon AWS.

But I wonder how to make the 'Best Practice' on Amazon AWS after I read the document-https://docs.iredmail.org/iredmail-easy.getting.start.html.

May I know how to make the iRed Mail server on AWS platform with the following features?

1、Multiple EC2 machines with Load-Balance features, use AWS auto-scaling service to manger all EC2(AWS auto scaling service will trigger the CPU/RAM usage, it will release one more EC2 when CPU/RAM overload some sign).
But I found the document without any description about this, all iRed Mail components all in one EC2?

2、Can I change the emails storage to one EBS machine with large size, that make the EC2 use less resources and size to make the price cheaper。

3、Can I put the DB(MySql) into AWS RDS ?

Thanks a lot !