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Topic: Iredmail Docker Synology

I tried installing iredmail docker (https://github.com/iredmail/dockerized) on my Synology 218+.
Everything went well. Docker works, does not give errors, but ... there was a problem that I cannot solve.
The problem is this: I can't get into the web administration interface at www.myip / iredadmin.
The fact is that when you enter my local ip address:, the transition is made to the web interface for entering the login and password from my NAS.
Tried it with the standard ports of my Synology: and with docker installed:
Redirects to synology login page anyway

I also attached the docker initialization log when running the script (iredmail (1) .txt), just when viewing, rename .txt to .html, because I can't attach .html files on your forum

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Re: Iredmail Docker Synology

Developers, please tell me the solution to the problem ...
I searched the forum, the topics indicated attempts to install on synology, but no one touched on the docker topic in them unfortunately

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Re: Iredmail Docker Synology

so, i doubt you host your own synology login page, for me it seems they alter packets and route every traffic to their own backend

i don tknow Synology, but i guess there is a possibility to pass those ports to your own instance, did you check your customer control panel?


Re: Iredmail Docker Synology

Thanks for the advice. I'm new to this, I've had synology for a little over a year, I would like to hear what the developers think about this.
It’s clear that it’s a redirect, but how do you fix it?

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Re: Iredmail Docker Synology

its not related to iredmail in any way, so you need to get help in the synology boards for this, but did you chec the options in your customer interface? if there is no possibility to change settings there, you will need a support ticket