Topic: Lots of similar spam getting through

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iredmail v 1.31 under nginx and LDAP

I have been getting tons of daily spam from seemingly every US Retailer (yes, none of them are from the retailer) .

The subject lines are often similar to this:

Ace is the place for your $1OO-Reward (See Details) 79012353

or this:

Home Depot Customer Your Opinions Matter up to $100 Reward #4056099

Often the 'prize' is 1OOO with the letter O and no a zero.

from senders like:

Christine Kausch <christine-kausch@sidetopz.xyz>


Kristine Tingstrom <tingstrom-kristine@rubstudio.click>

The body is often similar to this:

Start Here For The Survey & Pick Your Reward

99921249THE HOME DEPOT7604070

The Home Depot consumer andrew@asbenjamin.com,

You have been randomly selected to receive an exclusive {award|reward|bonus} (Minimum value: $90.oo).

To qualify, simply complete our 30-second {marketing|customer service|promotional|customer relations|shopper|consumer|customer}} survey to provide your opinion about the products & service at The Home Depot.

96- MOWAT_ AV, Toronto. ONT M4K 3Kl CANADA

This notice was meant for myemail@mydomain (this part is correct)

To update your message options, VisitHere


the maillog notes that they are spammy, but lets them through.

Is there some training I can do to get all of these blocked?  I literally get 100s a week.


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Re: Lots of similar spam getting through

Try this solution: https://docs.iredmail.org/dovecot.imapsieve.html