Topic: move /var/vmail into LAN NAS (synology with ext4 partition)

1.2.1 MARIADB edition
downloadable installer
ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS
no iredadmin-pro

Hi, i want to move the whole /var/vmail and subs into a lan NAS mounted with samba via fstab
with this line:
//   /var/vmail   cifs    user=server,pass=******** 0 0

but then iredmail server wont work probably because the whole /var/vmail folder is owned by: root:root and can not be changed i've tried with chown, but no effect and no errors.

Can someone help me withi this?


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Re: move /var/vmail into LAN NAS (synology with ext4 partition)

Then don't use Samba. How about NFS?