Topic: Outgoing backup MX

I just installed iRedmail on a new server, and would like to explore the possibility to route emails over a backup-outgoing server if the delivery fails from the local server for some reason.

Is that possible?

I checked this article, but it does not look like what I am looking for:

Thankful for any answers smile


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Re: Outgoing backup MX

Use Postfix "fallback_relay".
FYI: https://www.postfix.org/postconf.5.html#fallback_relay


Re: Outgoing backup MX

Thanks! I have checked that, but I am not sure how it works even thou I have tested it multiple times on other postfix installations.

The thing is, that iRedmail queries the database in order to fetch the transport maps for each user/domain - which is what I have done.

I wonder, if it is possible to create a "backup_transport_map" or some kind of "round robin" setup by query the database?
If I create multiple rows with the same email for example - how will postfix react then?


Re: Outgoing backup MX

Please read the document, it explains how it works:
https://www.postfix.org/postconf.5.html … back_relay