Topic: Contact and calendar Locationin Sogo

- iRedMail version (check /etc/iredmail-release)
==> 0.9.9
- Deployed with iRedMail Easy or the downloadable installer?
==>downloadable installer?
- Linux/BSD distribution name and version
==>  Debian Linux 9
- Store mail accounts in which backend (LDAP/MySQL/PGSQL)
==> MySQL
- Web server (Apache or Nginx)
==> Nginx
- Manage mail accounts with iRedAdmin-Pro?
==> Yes.
- [IMPORTANT] Related original log or error message is required if you're experiencing an issue.


please let data store location of contact and calendar events users in sogo.



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Re: Contact and calendar Locationin Sogo

thanks zhang for letting us know that all the relevant data is stored in mysql db, sogo table