Topic: GUI on iredmail Server

1.5.2 MARIADB edition
Rocky 8
I need to install a GUI on my iredmail server. Should I use the "Server with GUI", "Workstation" or an alternate? Will any of these options render my mail server inoperable?

The reason for this is to use wkhtmltopdf without a wrapper.


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Re: GUI on iredmail Server

- wkhtmltopdf should work fine without a GUI / wrapper.
- Better not run GUI (i mean the desktop UI) on a mail server. Less softwares, less target vulnerabilities.
- If you insist in running a desktop UI, it's fine to install it.


Re: GUI on iredmail Server

Thanks very much for your reply. I had to run wkhtmltopdf on a Centos 7 mail server with a wrapper and there was a noticeable delay. On Centos 6 it ran fine without a GUI or wrapper.

I have migrated another server to Rocky 8 but have not tested the converter yet. I will let you know how it works.