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I'm looking for a best solution for an Android App... I have Gmail app working but I'm not certain if that allows the email to remain private and direct in transmission.  Perhaps someone could speak to that.  As for alternatives, I've tried some that will work but not reflect Read Mail when viewing from webclient.  The K9 app seems to work well, but I cannot figure a way for it to auto complete my other iRedMail domain users, only the local accounts on the device.  Am I missing a step for this?  Is there a better private/secure Android mail app?


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I currently use Fair Email as my client on android.  You will also want DavX5 to sync contacts from SOGO.


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Thanks.  I thought I tried that one and didn't get an indication in the browser that the email was already read if I checked it in the app first.  K9 did report properly.  Davx5 is certainly required for what I want to do.


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If you're looking for a Gmail alternative, there are many options to consider depending on your needs. For those concerned with privacy and security, ProtonMail is a popular choice, offering end-to-end encryption and no logging of user data. For those who prefer a more minimalist approach, FastMail offers a clean, simple interface with powerful features.