Topic: DKIM - "amavisd showkeys" good "amavisd testkeys" bad

When I run amavisd testkeys, I get "invalid (public key: not available)". Amavisd showkeys shows me the public key, however. I'm running the latest on FreeBSD with the "catch-all" DKIM setup.
Any help or guidance would be highly appreciated!
Thank you!


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Re: DKIM - "amavisd showkeys" good "amavisd testkeys" bad

Looks like the server's hostname was changed after the DKIM was generated. I may need to look into regenerating the catch-all DKIM...


Re: DKIM - "amavisd showkeys" good "amavisd testkeys" bad

- Server hostname is not related to DKIM key directly.
- Make sure you have public DKIM key published on DNS. Try to query it directly like this:

dig -t txt dkim._domainkey.[YOUR-EMAIL-DOMAIN-NAME]