Topic: Migrating to new server question

Hi All,

Moving from a current IRedMail 1.6.8/Ubuntu22LTS/Mysql to a fresh install of the same 1.6.8/Ubuntu22LTS

In the iRedMail migrating instruction docs, It shows this:

Most important data are:

user mailboxes. Stored under /var/vmail by default.

Now when I look into that folder, it has several folders:

root@mail:/var/vmail# ls
backup  mlmmj  mlmmj-archive  pgp-keys  public  sieve  vmail1

Looks like the users are in the vmail1 folder. A few other folders are empty.

DO I move /var/vmail whole folder? Or do I move /var/vmail/vmail1 folder?



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Re: Migrating to new server question


I managed to figure out what the docs mean

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