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Ubuntu 22.04
Not pro yet, but soon

I have a running miredmail server  and it has a perhaps small but issue
When I installed it I used the domain that I wanted to use . Now when I test mails I see I dont get full pointe because spamassasin mean I have a suspicious tld. (pro). So I thought I change hostname and use a tld with better reputation, in this case .se. I have changed everywhere according to the manual and even rebooted the server but when I test again spamassasin still give minus for the suspicious .pro tld. Is there something I do wrong?


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Re: Change of Host

Where does ".pro" appear? Email header? please paste here.

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Re: Change of Host

This is a short version
The first one ends up in spam, the second one not. Can this be because I use 1 DKIM for all domains like shown in the manual
The second one is the original mail domain

från:    postmaster@mxmail.se
till:    anders.yuran@gmail.com
datum:    28 juni 2024 10:36
ämne:    email domain test
skickat från:    mxmail.se
signerat av:    mxmail.pro
säkerhet:     Standardkryptering (TLS) Läs mer

från:    Anders Yuran <anders@mxmail.pro>
till:    anders.yuran@gmail.com
datum:    28 juni 2024 10:58
ämne:    Test
skickat från:    mxmail.pro
signerat av:    mxmail.pro
säkerhet:     Standardkryptering (TLS) Läs mer


Re: Change of Host

part of header
Authentication-Results: mail.mxmail.se (amavisd-new); dkim=pass (2048-bit key) reason="pass (just generated, assumed good)" header.d=mxmail.pro


Re: Change of Host

Yes it's caused by the domain name of DKIM key. Please re-create DKIM key and replace the ".pro" one.


Re: Change of Host

I changed the setup from catch all to now have one dkim key for each of the 4 domains. And it directly changed behaviour. I was convenient to only have one dkim for all the domains but it cost  in confidence. Now even gmail let the mails thru without placing them in spam