Topic: iRedAdmin-0.1 released.

Hi, all.

iRedAdmin-0.1 released. Supports OpenLDAP backend, works on RHEL/CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu (8.04, 9.04).

This is our first release of iRedAdmin open source edition which has some basic features:

  • Ability to add, edit, delete mail accounts, include mail domain, mail admin and mail user.

  • Ability to create unlimited number of mail accounts.

  • Show some basic system info, include iRedAdmin version, system hostname, uptime, load average, network interfaces.

And iRedAdmin-0.2 will focus on bug fix and code cleanup, hope to be available in Oct 01.

Full-featured edition will be available on about Oct 01 too.

Please post feature requests and bug report in this forum.


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Re: iRedAdmin-0.1 released.

Excellent News! Here is the link http://www.iredmail.org/admin_panel.html just so folks won't miss that page smile

- about features: please make mailing lists part of the open source version as well
- what's the schedule on OpenFire integration i.e. what does "coming soon" indicate? A month? Four months?


Re: iRedAdmin-0.1 released.

Are you interesting in OpenFire integration?

We must integrate Policyd first, and then Amavisd.
Next maybe pureftpd or openfire.

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Re: iRedAdmin-0.1 released.

ZhangHuangbin wrote:

Are you interesting in OpenFire integration?

Yes, very much actually. However, as you say,

ZhangHuangbin wrote:

We must integrate Policyd first, and then Amavisd.
Next maybe pureftpd or openfire

i.e. policyd and even more so amavisd I think are even more important to IRM users since, after all, IRM is about email primarliy. Chat, groupware I think are nice-to-have things on top a fully-featured email solution.

From my pov, priority I think is as follows (starting with the most important one first):
- iRedAdmin
- amavisd integration
- policyd integration
- openfire (probably optional)
- some groupware solution (mabye optional)