Topic: iRedAdmin create new mail users

I have noticed that whenever you create a new mail user in iRedAmin the location of the new Maildir will be on
the domain name plus the starting letter of the new user, example for domain example.com and a new user barrack the
maildir will be at /var/vmail/vmail01/example.comb is this by design? I prefer much the old way of storing maildirs in a single
directory say /var/vmail/vmail01/example.com and all the maildir of users will be there.



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Re: iRedAdmin create new mail users

Yes, bug.
and it was fixed in -current several days ago.

You can try the lastest version:
http://code.google.com/p/iredmail/sourc … =iredadmin

Don't forget to read ChangeLog: