Topic: Status Report: iRedMail + Debian (Lenny)

Hi, all.

We are porting iRedMail to Debian (Lenny), most components work fine now.

iRedMail-0.5.0-beta1 will arrive in these two weeks.

Feedbacks, suggestions are always welcome. Mail me: michaelbibby (at) gmail.com


  • Apache-2.2.x. with SSL support.

  • Postfix-2.5.x, with TLS support.

  • Dovecot-1.1.x, POP3, POP3S, IMAP, IMAPS.

  • Amavisd-new-2.6.x, with DKIM signing and verification.

  • OpenLDAP-2.4.x, uses bdb (Berkeley DB) as default database backend.

  • MySQL-5.0.x.

  • Roundcubemail-0.2.1, plus plugins. users can change their own password and customize mail filters.

Package required:

  • pysieved-1.0. Package doesn't exist in testing repo, temporarily disabled.


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Re: Status Report: iRedMail + Debian (Lenny)


* Run this command to make SSL works in apache2:

# a2ensite default-ssl
# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Planning to make iRedMail use Debian 'stable' repository
instead of 'testing', build several packages ourself (e.g.
dovecot-1.1.x, amavisd-new-2.6.x) and create our own apt

Feedback/Suggestions are always welcome. smile


Re: Status Report: iRedMail + Debian (Lenny)

Update (2009.05.07):

  • Use Debian (Lenny) 'stable' repository instead of 'testing'.

  • Backport dovecot-1.1.x and postfix-policyd-1.82.

  • Fix Apache SSL issue.

  • Fix incorrect package name for MySQL backend.

  • Fix incorrect awstats file location.

  • Fix authentication with mod-auth-mysql in Apache2 for awstats.

All components work as expect now.


  • Backport and integrate pysieved-1.0.

  • Testing on Debian (Lenny) i386.

  • Testing on Ubuntu 8.04.


Re: Status Report: iRedMail + Debian (Lenny)

Update (2009.05.08):

  • iRedMail works on Debian (Lenny) now, full-featured.

  • Tested on both i386 and x86_64(amd64), works as expect.

  • Improve tools/create_mail_user_MySQL.sh, easier to create new users.

  • Add rc script for iptables used on Debian.

  • Fix awstats file location on Debian.

  • Fix package names for MySQL backend on Debian.

  • Improve pkgs/get_all.sh, used to fetch dovecot-1.1.x on Debian.

  • Fix useadd issue: add '-m' to create home directory.

  • Fix awstats default config file location.

  • Managesieve service works on Debian (Lenny) now.

  • Code cleanup.


  • Testing on Ubuntu 8.04.


Re: Status Report: iRedMail + Debian (Lenny)

What can I do to help install this on Ubuntu 8.04?


Re: Status Report: iRedMail + Debian (Lenny)

scrummie02 wrote:

What can I do to help install this on Ubuntu 8.04?

Currenly, it's nearly fixed all issues on 8.04, only Apache SSL setting is not fixed, but should be solved in these days.

beta2 is coming soon, be patient.