Topic: Default Character set in Mysql and SSL

Hi All,

Just wanted to drop a little note of something I came across for USA english mysql installs.

Have you ever noticed in your web pages that some symbols like TM CC and $ appears as different symbols and characters?
This is because the default character set in the httpd.conf needs to have an addition to  propery display characters and symbols on web pages and thru out the system.

Without this default or a specific default that is also available as the default for mysql irattic and incontrollable behavior can occur.

Often this is corrected by adding a second default character set UTF-8 in httpd.conf as it displays the set properly in php, html and is used as a base in mysql.

AddDefaultCharset ISO-8859-1
AddDefaultCharset UTF-8

These entries and possibly othe custom conf changes you hav made need to added back.

Small note that iRedMail will make a backup of you current httpd.conf file.
Then make a copy of your config and make some modifications to it. One of those mods is setting a new AddCharset array and removing any AddDefaultCharset entries.

All modified conf iRedMail changes makes a backup of the original and using the diff comand you can compare the 2 files and see what was changed.
Ther are also major changes made in mysql my.cnf. The only other conf files modified are related to the email programs installed if you have a current installed version and does not modify any other conf that I have found.

Also if you have an existing SSL certificate install (there will be a back up of your ssl.conf) you will need to add your 2 lines defining path to your crt and key files as iRedMail installs a self generated cert as ssl is required to access modules thru the web for security reason of course. This is done as default as most do not have SSL certs installed on their servers.



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