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This project is exactly what I have been looking for.  The only thing that I am unclear of is at what stage (if any) the project has a developed a backup program for server info or user data?


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Yes! Backup procedure/script is the only thing that keeping me from implementing IredMail on my network... Please please pay attention to this.... its very important!


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Ok in the download tar ball under tools there are two shell scripts:
backup_iRedMail.sh <- backs up system config files
backup_mysql_db.sh <- backs up database files

How do you go about restoring these files, specifically the database files.

Also, how hard would it be to create a backup script for user data off the 1st script?
Just remove all the config directories and add user subdirectories?


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Re: Server Backup

Why don't you use rsnapshot to backup your server?

With snapshot method, you can capture all the related directories of your email system, such as: maildir (/var/vmail), mysql_db_fir (/var/lib/mysql), ldap (/var/lib/ldap), server configuration files) (/etc), your website (/var/www and/or /usr/share/apache2). So, we don't care anything about how to backup ldap or mysql, which is a little bit complicated.

In Ubuntu, just apt-get install rsnapshot

So far, the r in rsnapshot stand for "remote".