Topic: iRedMail-0.5.1 released.

Hi, all.

Today (2009-11-01) is iRedMail birthday, it's 2 years old.

And I'm pround to announce that iRedMail-0.5.1 is available for download now.

We hope iRedMail users can donate us or buy iRedAdmin for LDAP backend to support
iRedMail project, make it continue exist and keep moving.

Major changes since 0.5.0:

Fixed issues
  • Fix per-user sieve setting in dovecot. Thanks Emidio Reggiani and Caliban @forum.

  • Fix incorrect postfix setting which will cause mail forwarding and bcc invalid after upgrade to 2.5.

  • Fix incorrect syslog setting on Ubuntu 8.04 with OpenLDAP backend.

  • Add missing pkg: altermime for RHEL/CentOS (i386). Thanks to sdaniel@bbs.

  • Add missing service control in postfix ldap lookup table.

For more detail, please refer to hotfix page:
- http://www.iredmail.org/hotfix-050.html

New features
  • iRedAdmin integration (v0.1.1). It's easy to have yet another web-based admin panel now, optional component.

  • Add domain alias support with new ldap attribute: domainAliasName.

  • Ability to restrict POP3S & IMAPS now.

  • Add script (tools/clear_iredmail.sh) to remove main components installed by iRedMail.

  • Add per-user shadow address support in LDAP backend, and it's allowed to login with shadow address.

  • Add external user support in build-in mail list, LDAP backend only.

  • Performance improvement. Use postfix proxymap(8) to reduce server load under high load.

  • Increase ldap server-side sizelimit to 1000.

  • Enable mod_deflate in apache by default.

  • Remove three dialog pages in installation wizard. Installation is easier and more clear now.

  • Use random password for ldap admin dn: cn=vmailadmin.

  • Allow to use multiple identities.

  • Make iRedMail easier to be deployed on VPS without acl package.

Packages update/remove
  • Update dovecot to 1.1.19 on RHEL/CentOS.

  • Update dovecot to 1.1.16 on Debian 5, patched to fix security holes in CMU Sieve plugin. Reference: http://marc.info/?l=dovecot&m=12528 … 79&w=2 Thanks to lidaobing@gmail for binary package.

  • Update postfix to 2.5.9.

  • Remove php-eaccelerator. it will abort installation process when php-5.2+ already installed.


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Re: iRedMail-0.5.1 released.

Does this new release have a better contact manager?

We were going to deploy previous release of iredmail but we were unhappy with the contact manager that allowed for just first name, last name, and email address. We need a contact manager that offers more fields.


Re: iRedMail-0.5.1 released.

You mean contact manager in roundcube webmail, right? Try to find plugin for that: http://trac.roundcube.net/wiki/Plugin_Repository