Topic: 67th, Brazil, São Luís-MA, FAMA, +400 users

- Country: Brazil
- State/City: São Luís - MA
- Company: FAMA
- Web Site: www.fama.br
- Backend (MySQL or OpenLDAP): Openldap
- Total Users: +400
- Comment: GREAT solution. Thanks for all the developers!

Before the solution iredmail:

(TNmail server solution)
Slackware 10.1
Virtual users stored in MysqlServer


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Re: 67th, Brazil, São Luís-MA, FAMA, +400 users

Thanks for your sharing.

It will be great if you can share us some migration tips smile

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Re: 67th, Brazil, São Luís-MA, FAMA, +400 users

Zang my English is very bad, but with the help of google translator will try to describe what we did.

in our old server we had a test database containing all users of the mail server. this database the information is on the table TNAccount. use the concat command to generate the migration scripts that generate the lines for migration in bulk using your script in py (create_mail_user_OpenLDAP.py), see if you can understand:

in mysql prompt:

select concat('fama.br, ',username,', ',password,', ',fullname,', 262144000, ') from TNAccount

the output is:

fama.br, postmaster, password, Postfix, 262144000,
fama.br, abuse, password, Conta do postfix, 262144000,
fama.br, user, password, Test User, 262144000,
fama.br, webmaster, password, Webmaster - ASCOM Administracao Pagina, 262144000,
etc (all user of the email server)

save it as user.csv and use create_mail_user_OpenLDAP.py to gerate .ldif  wich all users. (import it using phpldapadmin)

using concat again we will create the command to in conjunction with the imap sync synchronize the accounts of all users

in mysql prompt:
* = old server (tnmail)
* new server (iredmail)

SELECT concat('imapsync --host1 --user1 ', `Username` , '@fama.br --password1=' , `Password` , ' --host2 --user2 ', `Username` , '@fama.br --password2=' , `Password` , ' --noauthmd5 --subscribe ') as comando FROM `TNAccount`

the output is:

imapsync --host1 --user1 webmaster@fama.br --password1=password --host2 --user2 webmaster@fama.br --password2=password --noauthmd5 --subscribe
imapsync --host1 --user1 postmaster@fama.br --password1=password --host2 --user2 postmaster@fama.br --password2=password --noauthmd5 --subscribe
imapsync --host1 --user1 user@fama.br --password1=password --host2 --user2 user@fama.br --password2=password --noauthmd5 --subscribe
imapsync --host1 --user1 webmaster@fama.br --password1=password --host2 --user2 webmaster@fama.br --password2=password --noauthmd5 --subscribe

(etc... all user )

save the output wich the name migration.sh (chmod +x)  in new server and use  ./migration.sh in newserver


Re: 67th, Brazil, São Luís-MA, FAMA, +400 users

Brazil, I also made a migration, but my network has -100 users.
I used the ISO ready to CentOS.

Guaporé - RS


Re: 67th, Brazil, São Luís-MA, FAMA, +400 users

Iam using on Blumenau/SC/Brazil.

Ill use the iRedMail for 500 users or more... but iam just testing at the moment.

Recomendo a todos os Brasileiros, o sistema realmente é muito completo e fantastico!

Comprei a versao PRO do iRedAdmin, muito bom!