Topic: iRedAdmin-Pro-1.1.0 is available for upgrading and purchasing. $99.

Hi, all.

iRedAdmin-Pro-1.1.0 released.

  • Users purchased before will received an email which contains source code for upgrading. Here is upgrade tutorial (Need privilege to access our private forum).

  • New users can purchase it at $99 per server.

We want to hear from you, feedback is the key to our serving you and to our making this admin panel better. Reply this topic or mail us.
Major changes since iRedAdmin-1.0.2
  • Fixed: Don't allow to add invalid domain name (top-level domain name longer than 4 characters).

  • New: Ability to set per-domain and per-user relay settings. Screenshot, Screenshot

  • New: Ability to manage mail list access policy level and moderators. Screenshot

  • New: Log most of admin operations in SQL database and allow to view log filtered by event type, domain name, admin name. Screenshot

  • New: It now will check new version after Global Admin login success. Screenshot

  • New: Allow to switch language in login page. Screenshot

  • New: Ability to manage per-domain disclaimer. Screenshot

  • New: Ability to change user maildir. Screenshot

  • New: Starting amavisd-new integration. Add 'objectClass=amavisAccount' in mail user by default.

  • New translations:

    • de_DE (Deutsch) in work. Thanks Bronko (caparcona <at> web.de).

    • hu_HU (Hungarian). Thanks zolikusz@gmail.

    • zh_TW translation. Converted from zh_CN directly.

    • es_ES translation. Thanks yrjc2004@gmail.

TODO list in iRedAdmin-1.2.0

Below is MUST implemented features, of course we will add other cool new features in v1.2.0. Don't forget to feedback. smile

  • Ability to add external email addresses as mail list member or moderator.

  • Aassign new user to a specified mail list automatically. This will be a per-domain setting, each domain can specify its own 'all@' mail address.


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