Topic: objectClass ... invalid+per+syntax


after upgrading Iredadmin from OSE 1.0.0 to Pro 1.1.0 recently I get this error message when I try to create a new user:

(alert sign) msg=%7B%27info%27%3A+%27objectClass%3A+value+%233+invalid+per+syntax%27%2C+%27desc%27%3A+%27Invalid+syntax%27%7D

Looks to me like I something in the ldap schema is missing? How can I fix this?

Greets, Martin


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Re: objectClass ... invalid+per+syntax

Please complete the first step here:
http://www.iredmail.org/forum/topic466- … ition.html


Re: objectClass ... invalid+per+syntax

Thanks, solved the problem.